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Request on-site or on-line meeting with our engagement managers to discuss your specific business needs and see a demonstration of what we can do for you, by sending us an e-mail to, or by filling in the form at the right of this page. We would be glad to talk to you by appointing to the meeting our best people with the right experience and expertise relevant to your specific business enquiry and need.


Advising for the public and social good

We have established our Pro Bono Programme under which we advise non-government and non-comercial organizations on projects that are related to improving the well being of our society.

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Sharing efforts for joint research projects

We have developed our Partnership Programme to explore opportunities for mutually beneficial high level management research by joint business, policy and educational projects.

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Partnering for global reach and local expertise

If you wish to explore the benefits of the Strateggo Partnership Programme, please contact us to request more information ...



Request copies of our publications

We would be happy to send out to you print or electronic copies of our publications which include company and service brochures, articles and insights, market and industry reports and analysis, business management and public policy models, and books authored by our partners and consultants.

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Explore a flexible range of opportunites

If you wish to explore a flexible range of working opportunities with Strateggo, please simply contact us to request more information ...



Request more information about Strateggo

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